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Improving Victim Support During Criminal Proceeding: Anti-Trafficking Training for Criminal Justice System Practitioners

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According to the EU strategy towards the Eradication of Trafficking in Human Beings 2012–2016 the priorities that EU member states should focus on in order to address the issue of trafficking in human beings. Some of the main priorities are identifying, protecting and assisting victims of trafficking increased prosecution of traffickers, enhanced coordination and cooperation among key actors and policy coherence and stepping up the prevention of trafficking in human beings. The responsibilities of criminal justice system do not lie exclusively in punishing offenders, but also in respecting and restoring the human rights and needs of victims of trafficking.

The project aims one of the ISEC priorities to promote and develop protection, support of crime victims and reduce victimisation, providing a modern and victim centred approach for practitioners who may be exposed to trafficking in human beings (THB) in the course of their duties. The project promotes international cooperation among criminal justice system practitioners. The project and the partners are committed to share best practice, co-ordinated cross border services, development of European standards and also establish professional network.

The overall objective of the project is to raise the professional knowledge about supporting victims in criminal proceedings and also protection of the rights of THB and domestic violence (DV) victims. This includes training program for the criminal justice system practitioners, workshops and study visits.

In order to meet the objectives of the project, the activities of the project will be divided into four work streams:

  1. Activities related to three day international training for 50 trainees to raise awareness among criminal justice system professionals in supporting trafficking victims. Training topics are following:
    1. Introduction. Definition of THB, DV, different forms and means of trafficking, modus operandi of the traffickers and violent partners.
    2. Consequences and risks of trafficking and domestic violence.
    3. Definition of trauma, reaction of traumatic event, posttraumatic stress disorder etc.
    4. Interrogation of traumatised victim, incl. special chapter on children and women.
    5. Victim’s rights in criminal proceedings.
    6. Prevention, reintegration and social inclusion – important instruments in avoiding re-victimization.
    7. Identifying victims and using victim-centred investigation measures.
    8. Victim’s right to safety, privacy, information and respect of dignity.

Training will take place in Estonia and will be carried out by different experts of the field.

  1. Activities related to increasing investigation capabilities and improving cooperation and networking between national and international authorities, such as international 3 days sessions for 22 attendees in partner countries. Sessions include workshops and study visits in order to make contacts, exchange best practices and establish investigation teams (JIT). Topics of the workshops:
    1. How to prevent revictimization;
    2. How to protect victim- experience and practice;
    3. Similarities and differences of target group;
    4. The minimum standard for the protection of victim;
    5. Joint operation and teamwork.
  1. Activities related to production of booklet on victim rights in every participating country language. Main goal of this activity is to give information to the victims of crime concerning the criminal justice system, their rights and the ways to exercise them.
  1. Activities related to national web campaign in partner countries in order to raise public awareness about THB and DV. The web campaign is targeted to victims of THB and potential target of the traffickers.

The project duration is 1.01.2014 – 30.06.2015.

The target groups of the project are prosecutors, judges and police officers and also victims and potential victims of the THB and DV.

Guidelines for supporting victims in criminal proceeding

Training materials for criminal justice system professionals

Booklets for victims of human trafficking


  • Seminars and workshops
  • Study visits
  • Guidelines for supporting victims in criminal proceeding;
  • Training materials;
  • Victim's information brochure